One account. All of Xabo Network ecosystem services working for you.
Connect with friends & loved ones, stream or download free music and do more using a single account
Quick login
Just one click - and with Xabo Network ID you can log in to your favorite services.
Always at hand
Use Xabo Network ID across all devices, supporting mobile phones, tables and computers
Convenient authorization
You can log in to the service with Xabo Network ID in one of the convenient ways. For example, using a instant code from an Email or with OnePass. Choose the one that suits you.
It is enough to enter information about yourself once in the unified personal account Xabo Network ID - and we use it to log you in to websites and applications. Services receive only the data necessary for registration.
Xabo Network ID ensures data privacy, and for additional protection you can set up two-factor authentication and track your activity history.
Account page
Settings for all services are in one place and synchronized